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Scale ERP is an affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider which makes resource management easier and helps you accomplish your business goals faster while reducing expenses and increasing profitability.

Payroll Management

Payroll that is simple and easy to use:

  • Manage, review, and integrate your basic and advanced payroll requirements to make business run smoothly.

Financial Accounting

Simplify financial analysis and reports:

  • Record, revise, and generate financial reports with a single click.

Material Management

Know before you
need it:

  • Track, update, and maintain your inventory, sales, purchase, and material consumption easily.

Production Planning

Increase efficiency, boost productivity:

  • Plan, control, and supervise production to make your business thrive.

Learn about how Mr. Sharma has grown his business using Scale ERP.

Why Choose Scale ERP?

Powerful Ideas & Industry Expertise
A dynamic executive team has contributed their business acumen and technical expertise to develop Scale ERP. An original SaaS-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small and medium-sized businesses, Scale ERP is a localized solution that is sustainable and scalable.

Your Success
We pride ourselves on developing the most accurate, efficient, and productive business solutions to give your business an edge. Cut costs, gain efficiency, and increase revenues with these easy-to-use, affordable software tools to enhance your resource planning, get real time data insights, and precise business forecasts.

Simple, yet Sophisticated Software
User-friendly navigation and the ability to easily program and enter data means you and your staff can generate reports and summarize information in the blink of an eye. We offer payroll, accounting, materials management, and production planning modules which are fully integrated for a comprehensive solution.

Affordable & Made in India
Scale ERP is designed in India to address business practices in India. We created the software because we realized there was a need for small to medium-sized enterprises to have access to affordable software that is up-to-date and integrated to enable business growth.

Software Plans
If your business is growing, you require and expect real-time data insights and business forecasting tools to help boost your production. If multiple tracking tools, manual report generation, and out-of-date software no longer serve your needs, it’s time to try Scale ERP.

Check out our software plans and contact us today to get started.

Software Plans

Payroll Essentials Plan

INR 750/ month
Basic-User License

Payroll Essentials Plan

Punching , Rules , Department , Designation , Attendance - We have everything to solve your Payroll Needs.

Financial Accounting Essentials Plan

INR 750/ month
Basic-User License

Financial Accounting Essentials Plan

Recording Financial Transactions, Getting Books of Account & Presentation of Financial Reports.

Material Management Essentials Plan

INR 1000/ month
Basic-User License

Material Management Essentials Plan

Purchase , Consumption & Sales.Track your Inventory in a never before ease of Operations.

Production Planning Essentials Plan

INR 1000/ month
Basic-User License

Production Planning Essentials Plan

Monitor Efficiency , Plan Effectively with our Unique Software & Say Good Bye to Spreadsheet for Planning.

MarketPlace Apps

We have apps suited for all your business needs.
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